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I just got the lowest water bill ever! It went from 68 gallons per car at .23 cents/car to now 24 gallons per car at .10 cents. This includes landscape irrigation on a 34,000 Sq.Ft. lot! So my water usage per car is probably even less.

I have to admit I was very leery of how much water I might save.

Thanks again and really appreciate your continued support when I have questions. Guys like you make the car wash industry a great place.

Fast Washes, Inc.



Wanted to let you know we've had our first full year of using Biozone.  I believe we had half the sludge taken out of the settling tanks as previously.  I calculated the cost of the bio and the cost of removal and figured I'd saved at least $100 overall.  Not earth shattering but every dollar counts.


Jay Scott

"The self-flushing water recovery system is a dream comparatively speaking in terms of minimal maintenance requirements."


"The Con-Serv engineering is superior to other units in the marketplace because of the dependability, low maintenance and the reliable production of odor free, clean, clear water."

 James Fraseur
Earthwash Carwash Center

"I am very pleased with the performance of this system and would recommend it to anyone looking for hassle free performance."
"The Con-Serv auto flushing system is as close to maintenance free as you can get."

Ballast Point Car Wash



The new (BIO-ZONE Biological Treatment) enzyme that we added to our reclaim system has really helped eliminate odors first thing in the morning. The ozone does a great job, but the (BIO-ZONE Biological Treatment) enzyme just adds to the clean smell in the tunnel. Thanks for telling us about it.

Best regards, 
David Beaty
Oilstop Car Wash

Click here to follow link to a letter written from one customer describing the impact of the physical conditioner in his Carwashes.
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