Con-Serv Manufacturing
Line Pressure RO


Con-serv Manufacturing announces its first Line Pressure Reverse Osmosis

system with ERD* ( Energy Recovery Device).
This revolutionary design

uses the Hydro power of the
Brine Water (discharge) to isolate the back

pressure on the
membrane that would otherwise reduce the efficiency. Only

Con-serv provides multiple membranes with multiple
ERD’s* on a single unit

to deliver up to 450 GPD of  Reverse Osmosis
quality water.

All with NO electricity required.

      450 gpd (shown)


    4- Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems

     Model no: CS-PPRO 150/300/450

     Capacity: Produces 150 to 450 gallons per day of RO permeate depending on water temperature, pressure, chemistry variation)

     System includes

     RO unit: 4-stage unit, all filters included.  

     Installation  & Service manual

 System Requirements

 Working pressure: 40 to 80 psi feed water pressure required, if below 40 psi, a booster pump is needed. We have a RO system with booster pump assembly. If the input pressure is above 80 psi, you MUST add a pressure regulator.

  Working temperature: 90 ~ 40 deg. F ( 37 ~ 4 deg. C )

  pH range: 2-11

  If feed water has hardness level above 250 ppm membrane life could be reduced.

  If feed water has iron above 0.3 ppm membrane life could be reduced.

 Filter Service Life

  1st Stage Sediment filter : Recommend changing every 6 ~12 months.

  2nd Stage Carbon block filter : Recommend changing every 6 ~12 months .

  3rd Stage Carbon block filter : Recommend changing every 6 ~12 months .

  4th Stage TFC/TFM membrane: Recommend changing every 2~3 years.


 1 years Limited Warranty on parts, components. Filters are not under warranty.