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Hydro cyclonic, Centrifugal Separation or Particle Separators are all essentially terms used for a filtration method for reduction of total suspended solids in fluid.  The principle technology typically uses a conical shaped separator that accelerates the velocity of water maximizing separation of sand and other solid matter with greater than 90% efficiency.  Hydro cyclonic Separators are not true filters. (Having no physical barrier to stop certain size particles from the water stream.)

Based on the centrifuge principle, the particles are spun against the outside wall of the Hydro cyclone and gravitate towards the bottom into the drain while clean liquid moves upward to the center of the spiral, towards the top outlet. The velocity at which the water flows through the Hydro cyclone determines the efficiency at which the particles are separated from the water.

Hydro cyclone Separation Efficiency

The separation efficiency of a Hydro cyclone under a particular set of running conditions can be described in terms of the "heavies" concentration in the "lights" outflow as a percentage of the "heavies" loading in the total inflow.


For example:

"Heavies" loading in inflow = 2.4%
"Heavies" loading in "lights" outflow = 0.2%

Separation efficiency = 100% x (2.4 - 0.2) / 2.4 = 91.7%


Volumetric percentage separation calculations (%v/v) are usually quicker and easier to perform. However, the separation efficiency calculation can also be performed on a mass basis (%w/w). 


Changes in hydro cyclone operating conditions can lead to significant changes in separation efficiency. Some of the running conditions that can affect separation efficiency are:

Inflow "heavies" concentration

Inflow rate

Outflow ratio ("heavies" flow vs. "lights" flow)



Other bulk liquid characteristics



                                                                                   (Mesh/Micron Comparison Chart)



Micron filtration based on Con-Serv Models


NOTE: The Particle Size Separation chart is based on sand with a specific gravity of 2.7 gr./cm.




Find your system flow rate and move vertically up the chart until you intersect within the recommended range. This indicates a particular hydrocyclone size. If the flow rate does not intersect within the recommended range, Con-Serv Manufacturing designs include two smaller units in combination. If material to be removed is extremely fine, we use a higher headloss and/or multiple hydrocyclone units of a smaller size. A smaller hydrocyclone can remove finer particles than one with a larger diameter.

      Hydrocyclonic Separator  


Con-Serv Manufacturing equipment has been  providing cleaning and recirculation of waste and process water based on hydrocyclone technique for particle separation for many years.


  • Hydromechanical and biological system                                        
  • No chemicals added  
  • Easy to install No filters
  • Low maintenance charge



Con-Serv Manufacturing  Hydrocyclones protect all downstream components from damage and abrasion caused by debris and add years of performance to the life of your equipment.


    Con-Serv 60 GPM Hydrocyclonic Separator


       Reclaim Max Output                                           60

     Self Priming Centrifugal Pump                               3

     AMP Draw @ 208/230 VAC                                  8.0-8.5

  AMP Draw @ 460/480 VAC                                      4

                Dims 48" x 16" x 74" H                                 36"x18"x52"

         Net Weight (lbs)                                                 650



Plumbing Connections:   

  2" PVC Suction Line 1 online

1.5" Line out to the wash manifold

1.25" line to return to 2nd chamber of the reclaim tank for Biozone odor control

1.25" line to return to the catch basin

Electrical Requirements

(1) 208/230 VAC or 460/480 VAC, 3 ph,

20 amp circuit




VFD Driven Continuous Duty Motor

 Self Priming Pump

High Efficiency Cyclonic SeparatorsControl Signal Activation

Continuous Biozone Odor Control Technology

Powder Coated frame

2 months Biozone Odor Control


 Product Advantages


  • Conical shape accelerates the velocity of the water increasing centrifical forces and maximizing separation.
  • Easy to operate and maintain with
  • No headloss build-up or clogging during separation.
  • Specially designed rubber cone/insert protects the neck from erosion and increases separation.
  • Maximum anti-corrosion protection with durable and long-lasting coating materials.




  • For separation of sand and other solid matter from water
  • Protection of valves and other in-line equipment  from damage/abrasion caused by sand and other solid matter
  • Economical option for Pre-filtering of water prior to other pretreatment
  • Body: 100 micron Polyester oven-cured protective coating with Zinc Phosphate underlayer


The Con-Serv Manufacturing Hydrocyclonic System utilizes particle separation to provide quality filtered water for reuse in many applications. Built on a compact custom powder coated frame with splash guard, this small system will provide 50-60 gallons per minute of water to your equipment as well as providing continuous circulation of the reservoir tanks with aerated water and BIOZONE odor control. The new system utilizes dual particle separation technology, proven to provide better quality end results than other common singular separation techniques. The dual separator reclaim system includes VFD driven continuous duty three phase motor, self priming centrifugal pump, constant circulation of reservoir, mass air injection, BIOZONE odor control system, powder coated splash guard frame,  and control signal activation. Options are available to customize unit to your specification.

Additional Sizes and flowrates Available