Con-Serv Manufacturing

Product Cut Sheets



Filter/Reclaim Products

Econo Free Standing Pre/Post Filter           

Standard Slim 3/5 (YS) Series

SCF Free Standing     
SCF Free Standing Combination

Series II - Slim Line                        

K-BW " Big Boy" Series

Free Standing Combination Series I  

Free Standing Combination Series II

Free Standing Combination Series III

Reverse Osmosis Products

CSERO "econo" RO                               

CSRO 4" Membrane Systems

CSRO "Medium Flow" 4" Systems         

Brackish Water 8" Membrane Systems

Double Pass RO Systems          

Seawater RO System

Bottled Water Store                 

Eliminator Series RO System

CSARO with Atmospheric storage      

CSPRO with Pressurized storage

Specialty Systems


Membrane Cleaning Station

Free Standing Ozone System     

Physical Conditioner      

Media Filters and Softeners

Water Softeners (Single Tanks)        

Water Softener (Twin Tanks)

Multi-media Filter                               

Carbon Filter

Industrial Filters


New Source Membrane System          

Uf System (low flow)

UF System (high flow)

UF/RO Combination System            


Pump Skids and Repressurization

City Water Boost System                

Car Wash Repressurization Series

Combination Storage Tank and Pump         

Flood Pump Series CS 3 / 5

Feed Pump skids / delivery systems         

Reverse Osmosis Parts and Accessories 

4" Reverse Osmosis Membranes          

8" Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Centrifugal Pumps                   

Bladder Tanks

Chemical Dosing      

Filter Cartridges

Filter Housings                

Flow Meters


Pressure Gauges

Pressure Vessels                     

PVC Valves

SS/Bronze Valves                     


Storage Tanks                      

UV Sterializer


Con-Serv Warranty