Con-Serv Manufacturing

“ I have been installing Con-Serv reclamation systems for over 15 years and can say that they work effectively, are for the most part
maintenance free, self-cleaning, take up minimum space, and a bargain compared to other reclamation systems available to the carwash
industry.  Most of the systems I have installed are zero discharge and closed loop which testifies to their




Pres. A.R. Doyle Corp.
Smithtown, NY


“We do business with Con-Serv because they deliver a quality product and have outstanding customer service.”

 B B
A.C. & T. Company, Inc.  


" We have used Conserv equipment for over 12 years, units are always on time, excellent quality, and fair pricing keeps us coming back. In the Carwash
business we must surround ourselves with the all the right components. if you are not using Conserv equipment you owe it to your customers to give
them a try.”

W D 
CWC, Inc. 



“ why do you do business with Con-Serv Manufacturing?” Real simple answer: GREAT PRODUCTS AND GREAT PEOPLE!”



Kwik Industries



“I just got the lowest water bill ever! It went from 68 gallons per car at .23 cents/car to now 24 gallons per car at .10 cents. This includes
landscape irrigation on a 34,000 Sq.Ft. lot! So my water usage per car is probably even less  I have to admit I was very leery of how much
water I might save.

Thanks again and really appreciate your continued support when I have questions. Guys like you make the car wash industry a great place.”

Fast Washes, Inc


"The Con-Serv engineering is superior to other units in the marketplace because of the dependability, low maintenance and the reliable
production of odor free, clean, clear water."

Earthwash Carwash Center


  "I am very pleased with the performance of this system and would recommend it to anyone looking for hassle free performance.

"The Con-Serv auto flushing system is as close to maintenance free as you can get."

Ballast Point Car Wash



“The new (BIO-ZONE Biological Treatment) enzyme that we added to our reclaim system has really helped eliminate odors first thing in the
morning. The ozone does a great job, but the (BIO-ZONE Biological Treatment) enzyme just adds to the clean smell in the tunnel.
Thanks for telling us about it

Best regards, 
Oilstop Car Wash


This one is easy.  Maintenance Tech., Inc. has been working with Con-Serv Manufacturing as the only source for water recovery and
are alternative equipment solutions, however, we choose to align ourselves with vendors and equipment manufactures that share our core
values of,  providing great product at a fair price, supporting the product for the long term and treating people the way you would expect them
to treat you. Stan and Dwight Royal exemplify these values and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with them. 
We have a significant amount of Con-Serv equipment in operation and lots of success stories to share.  Thank you Con-Serv. 



Maintenance Tech


When looking for answers regarding water treatment, I always contact Con-Serv. 


Simply put they are very easy to work with, and take the time to ask me the right questions,  They research the water quality for that particular
location I am working with before sending me my estimate.  


I rely on, and trust their years of experience, and expertise. I am very confident that they have designed the proper system at the best price.


I know I am offering my clients the best possible water treatment products that will save them money, and provide years of trouble free service.”



My Car Wash Guy



“We at professional wash systems do all of our reclaim and re-pressurization systems with con serv. They have excellent equipment and
backed up by knowledge and after the sale help”.



Professional Wash Systems



“We like to do business with Con-Serv manufacturing because we know they will always be there.  We sell into several markets and many
and saving money by reusing their water.  Their 25 micron self cleaning filters are superior to anything on the market and we have systems

still running.  What other equipment pays for itself in less than two years and reliably keeps on running for 10 years plus.  My customers like
the technology upgrades as well.  We are installing a twin alternating system this month with the newer high efficiency motors and VFD

stainless steel option. They have never regretted the extra expense.  With simple maintenance the equipment just goes forever.”




Reclaim Filters and Systems




“Wanted to let you know we've had our first full year of using Biozone.  I believe we had half the sludge taken out of the settling tanks as
previously.  I calculated the cost of the bio and the cost of removal and figured I'd saved at least $100 overall.  Not earth shattering but
every dollar counts”




"I am very happy to tell the world all I know about the wonderful equipment and the very helpful and inventive personal I have had the pleasure to work
with since I discovered the very best reclaim system in the industry.

I started years ago as an engineer looking for a reclaim that produced top quality water. At that time I worked with the largest Coleman distributor in the
country and I understood that the Self Cleaning Filter - only Conserv offers - with its lifetime guarantee;  was and still is the industry leader.

My client list is nationwide and includes many of the past Presidents of the ICA as well as many of the largest corporate clients across the country. I can
say loudly that those who know are very happy with their Conserv reclaims and now RO systems as well. They filter every drop to the size of a white
bloodcell and produce the best odor control of any units and do so at very low cost while providing the very best in long term engineering that REALLY

Conserv has never let me down - always produced and STOOD behind their equipment anywhere in the world or within our beautiful country. If ANYONE
wants more info I can provide it as well as testimonials from happy clients some over decades in production."

J-Way Services

Look to Con-Serv Manufacturing for a complete line of Water Reclaim, Water Recovery, Water Reuse, Water Recycling, ultra-filtration, Industrial filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ozone Generation and Water Softener solutions for any Industrial application including the Carwash Industry.