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Manufacturing Water Purification and Waste Water Treatment Equipment for over 30 Years.
Industries served:

Carwash * Residential * Irrigation * Desalination * Water re-use * Biofuels * Power & Utilities   * Education * Food & Beverage * Healthcare  * Commercial Facilities * New Construction * Oil & Gas      

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Water is the most important resource in the world. No Life or Industry would exist without water. Over 30 years ago the principles of Con-Serv Manufacturing realized this and went into business. The original products designed focused on Water Reclaim and Re-use in the Car Wash Industry. The product line included multiple products for sediment filtration that allowed the Carwash owner to re-use some of the water in the initial stages of the operation without damaging the exterior of the car. Con-Serv Manufacturing was one of few manufacturers offering this choice and became a leader in the Car Wash Water Recovery Technology. 

Over the years, Con-Serv Manufacturing continued to develop products in Water Treatment and Purification to fit the needs of many Industries, Water Recovery and Re-use is only one part of the overall solutions Con-Serv provides. The Product Line grew to include Pretreatment like Water Softeners, Carbon and Multimedia Filters, Re-pressurization systems, Booster Pumps, Reverse Osmosis, and High Purity options such as Electro-deionization. This makes Con-Serv Manufacturing one of the few providers that can offer a complete solution to almost any Water Purification Application.

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